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Carolina Film Works is co-owned by film producers Fred Delagarza, and Leon Dunn.  These production partners have been working together for nearly a decade to establish Charlotte, NC as a premier location for major motion pictures as well as independent films that will bring positive interest and business to the Carolina region.

As one of the leading production companies in North Carolina, our vision is to create a portfolio of high-quality, box office hits, created, developed, filmed, produced, and financed in the southeast.  Our productions to date include action thrillers Sinners & Saints and Shotgun Kiss (in prodution), as well as plans for Sinners & Saints II, all of which are directed by the extremely talented William Kaufman (The Prodigy, Sinners & Saints I/II, The Hit List, One in The Chamber).

Mission Statement:

Carolina Film Works is a production company dedicated to producing unique and groundbreaking independent feature films.

We have our hand on the pulse of today's cultural desire for quality film while also recognizing the current creative urgency that is driving the paradigm shift away from large studio productions. Working with innovative minds, we are able to produce engaging material that reaches beyond the boundaries of tradition.